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Question from barrylindsay31466@yahoo.com on 12-04-2012:

why was Rome chosen as the headquarters of the catholic church?

Who founded and had built the St. Peters Basillica?

When was the Basillica constructed?

How many catholics are residents of Rome?

How many people visit Rome annually?

How many ordained priests are living in Rome?

Why is pride a capital sin?

How does a person prevent pride from happening?

How is a person to praise God?

When is a person to praise God?

Why do we praise God?

Did God order us to praise him?

How do we show our patience with one another?

Why do we try to be patient?

What shows someone a person is not patient?

How long is a person expected to be patient?

When can a person believe they have reached their maximum ability to remain patient?

What does Palm Sunday celebrate?

When is Palm Sunday?

What does a palm represent?

Were the Jews who laid down palms before Jesus also those who crucified him?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-04-2012:


You submitted this series of questions a half dozen times the past half dozen hours. Please, one question and one post at a time.

Rome was chosen by divine providence to become the center of the Church. In the Old Covenant period it was Jerusalem that was the Holy City. That city was brought down in ruin as a result of the apostasy of Judaism, which rejected the Messiah. As Christ foretold, not a stone was left upon a stone of the Temple there. The instrument of punishment was the Roman Empire, which devastated the city in 70 AD and never allowed Judaism to become strong again. Rome became the center, especially since Saint Peter and Saint Paul were martyred there. How providential that the center of the Roman Empire which persecuted the Church became the center of that very Church.

Father Echert