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Many prophecies?
Question from Mother on 12-03-2012:

My husband, now a self-proclaimed atheist, argues that the prophecies of a virgin birth, crucifixion, rising from the dead, all previous to our Catholic faith, occured in Egypt and many other times in history, negating my deeply held faith. I really don't know enough "history" to answer him.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-04-2012:

Some atheists and modernists (progressive believers) cite ancient writings to argue against the truths of the Faith. One favorite is to cite ancient flood narratives to argue against the flood in the time of Noah. Some of these ancient narratives would actually argue in favor of actual history, its just that they get it only partially right. For instance, ancient flood stories would suggest that some massive flood actually occured, though these other stories do not record the reason or details such as the rescue of Noah. With regard to other matters, they seize upon anything that resembles actual biblical history to argue against the truth. Nonsense! This sort of approach is common on history type channels. Biblical history is actual history, which has the great advantage of being written under the inspiration of God Himself. Keep prayer up for the conversion of your husband. Do not worry about answering all his objections; just tell him you are praying that God will give him faith and answers

God bless

Father Echert