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self defense vs. turning the other cheek
Question from lt on 12-03-2012:

My in-laws excessively criticize my Catholic religion. They are Protestants and mock Catholic beliefs in my presence knowing full well how committed I am to my religion. I always stay quiet because I know it will result in hurt feelings and losing tempers if I defend myself. I have left things to God for years and thus "turned the other cheek". I have even stopped visiting them and only go twice a year now but they even take that opportunity to mock my beliefs. I'm outnumbered and they twist the Bible scriptures to their beliefs--they even have it memorized. What do you advice I do?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-04-2012:

They may be well intentioned, if their intent is to convert you to their false denomination, but they are badly misled. You should consider saying to them, "Look, I want to spend time with you but your continued criticisms and attempts to change me are offensive. So this stops now or else you will see me even less than now. Turning the other cheek does not mean allowing your beliefs to be attacked, which puts your faith at risk. Tell them you know their intentions are good but are not appropriate and no longer acceptable

God guide you and strengthen you in this matter

Father Echert