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The accusations that Catholic doctrines are false like; purgatory, holy t6rinity, true church etc.
Question from hendrick on 12-02-2012:

how the bible came about and what is trhe stand of the church about the accusations of Mr. eli soriano that the true church is the church of God and not the Catholic church? why is the church does not allow artificial family planning? is purgatory true? is the holy trinity are equal three persons in one God? if so,then why Jesus told his disciples that "my father is greater than I"?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-06-2013:

Dear Hendrick,

Many Catholic know little about their faith. That why they get confused when trying to meet Protestant objections. Start learning you catechism. The questions are too complicated to be solved by a simply yes or know answer.

Dr. Geraghty