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God as Creator and Sustainer
Question from Richard Litzinger on 12-01-2012:

+Droctor, We believe that God is present everywhere, and that He is present in souls by Sanctifying Grace, present in the Holy Eucharist, and other Sacraments and in His Word. Some of the New Age/New Thought people say He is "the omnipresent substance of the universe". I know that we also believe that God the Creator is different from His creations. I remember studying in college that God not only creates but sustains His creation in being, else we would immediately cease to be. Is that another way of saying God is IN everything, albeit by different modes (in this case, by His activity as Creator and Sustainer)? An artist would in a sense "be present" in his artwork, and a teacher in the minds of his students. I am not advocating pantheism or panentheism, but want to rightly appreciate God's Presence. We also believe that the Incarnation is not God so much lowering Himself, but raising us closer to Himself. Is this a way God is present in us? Thank you.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-26-2012:

Dear Richard,

You are quite right!

Dr. Geraghty