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Question from Annonymous on 11-29-2012:

I am a new teenager and i sin a lot. I keep asking God for forgiveness. One sin i hate is lust and homosexuality. if i keep saying to god -Please forgive me and i will never do it again- and i break the thing i said will i not be forgiven. Also, it is sooooo hard to not commit the sin. Please tell me how to avoid and a prayer to help me.

P.S- I pray and ask for help to stop and it doesnt work.

Answer by David Gregson on 02-04-2014:

Your private prayers may obtain forgiveness of venial sins, but lust frequently results in mortal sins, which can be forgiven only in the sacrament of Confession. Confession also gives grace to avoid sin in the future.

Grace makes avoidance of sin possible, but not easy. We may fall back into the sins we've confessed. In that case, we confess them again and make a new resolution to try harder.

Also attend Mass regularly, and (if you have no unconfessed mortal sins on your conscience) receive the Lord devoutly in Holy Communion. Jesus is the source of all grace.

These means of grace are available to you if you are Catholic. If not, I suggest you talk to a priest about being received into the Catholic Church.