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Question from michele taylor on 11-29-2012:

I am curious to know what the Church has to say about the book, The Shack. I have not read the book but I might. This all depends on what the Church says about the book. I have read reviews and there seems to be about the same number of critics of the book as proponents of the book. 45KRY

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-04-2012:

I am intrigued by the title, since I am writing this post from what I call "The Shack," which is my 8 x 12 foot shack in my remote woods of Minnesota, but after reading a few descriptions online of the book by that name, I cannot recommend it. Here is a review and description of the book; while not by anyone I know or a Catholic, if at all accurate, it would theologically argue against reading it.

Thanks, Michele

Father Echert