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Re: Misrepresenting Obama
Question from JSA on 11-28-2012:

President Obama, although I do not know his soul,his actions by definition are evil. Evil is the opposition to God and His will. Obama claims to be Christian, as a Christian one would follow Christ. Supporting same sex marriage is not following Christ. The Bible, Gods written word, condemms homosexuality in both the Old and New Testament. Claiming to be a Christian,advocating abortion and homosexuality, in the role of President of the United States is a serious sin. He is misleading many who see him as a good Christian, a sin also seriously condemed in the Bible. To argue the point President Obama's religion has nothing to do with the Office of President may hold some weight if he did not represent himself as a Christian. As far as people respecting the Church, those who belong to God will always respect the one true church. Those who belong to the evil one, well that's another story. Peoples actions, president or common man, one day we will all stand before Christ and have to answer for our life. Until that day, Christ commanded us to love our brother and leave the judging to Him.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-04-2012:


Indeed we can objective evaluate public actions and draw conclusions from them. When evil is so very apparent how can one deny it?

Thank you for your insights.

Judie Brown