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Misrepresenting Obama
Question from anon on 11-28-2012:

I should clarify right now I do not in any way care for Obama, nor do I think he is a competent president. However the manner in which EWTN seems to regard him is rather unfair and misguided. In economic collapse/preparedness, a recent question, the writer falsely assigns Obama as an atheist, which he is most certainly not. To cry atheist or in some cases muslim whenever presented by an adversary just irritates me as it misrepresents what the problem is. Obama's stance on this issues is what matters, not the falsehood that he apparently doesn't believe in God. Even if he didn't, that's still completely irrelevant to him as a president or human being. You said sometime in the last month or so that you believed Obama to be evil? Honestly? He may be harmful, but I believe he at least is trying to benefit the country. One does not become evil just because they advocate for abortion or believe that should be a standard for health care presented. The Catholic Church would probably gain more respect in these matters if it weren't so quick to jump to conclusions and make judgements solely on opposition to certain teachings of the church. Gay people are not out to destroy the family. Obama does not hail Satan while plotting to destroy religion. Atheists do not spend all their time figuring out ways to "get" the religious. While of course you can argue these things might have negative effects, the actual intent is not evil or intentionally destructive. Obama genuinely wants to help the country.... he's just awful at it that's all.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-28-2012:

Dear Anon

Only God knows what Obama's intentions are; we know what his public record is; he is the most pro-abortion president in this nation's history. Anyone who truly wanted to "help" America would strive to protect human rights for all, born and pre born,

Judie Brown