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How to stay positive in pro life work?
Question from Wendy on 11-27-2012:


How do you stay positive in your pro life work, when our beliefs took a beating during the election? I find it sad that so many Catholics ignore the pro-life cause. I'm getting ready to attend the march for life in Jan. this will be my 4th year with my daughters. I also support a crisis pregnacy center but I find sometimes I get discourged. I truly believe in this cause and sometimes wonder why God doesn't bless the pro life movement more.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-28-2012:

Dear Wendy

I remain hopeful because I know that according to the Lord and His call to us, we must remain faithful to Him and never count the cost. All we can do is share the truth and then those to whom we witness are free, as each person has a free will, to follow the truth or deny that it is truth.

We cannot help what people do about the truth, but if we fail to teach it and remain hopeful in that truth then we become part of the problem.

Truth and life took a beating this past election cycle and the only way to turn things around is to remain committed to what we know is right and just.

Also, for me, daily Mass, the Rosary and a supportive family make it very easy for me to be happy that God has called us to this struggle.

Judie Brown