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Question from Richard Hickey on 11-27-2012:

There is only One GOD Father Son and Holy Spirit. God the Father knows the date of the cf second coming and the end of the world but Jesus does not know these dates. How can this be that one part of God knows something which another part of God does not know?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-27-2012:

The Church Fathers were insistent that the Son of God knew and knows all that God the Father knows. That being said, there are some possible interpretations that respect this truth:

It was known to Jesus but not properly told to the disciples (by analogy, if someone does not want to take a phone call, a secretary may say, "He is not here," meaning to that person in particular

It was proper to Jesus divine knowledge but only secondarily to his human knowledge as to source

The date is determined by the Father as eternal Source of the Son

Trust me, Jesus knows the date. After all, He will be there for it!

Thanks, Richard

Father Echert