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Will gay people go to Hell?
Question from Anonymous on 11-25-2012:

Hello. I am confused about what happens to gay people when they die. Some people tell me that they were born that way and that God loves all humans and that God wouldnt send someone to hell for being happy. But then I hear its a sin and not right. Whats the truth?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-26-2012:

Dear Anon,

The Church teaches that all those who die unrepentant of sins on their soul like adultery, fornication, murder, robbing and the rest will go to hell. But in the final analysis only God and the soul being judged will know if it has repented or not. All that people in general know that these sins are serious matters. They do not know in the final analysis when a particular soul has repented or not.

Dr. Geraghty