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Absolutes, Infinites, and Innumerable universes
Question from Nm on 11-24-2012:

Hi Dr. Geraghty. It aroused my curiosity to find out what Hindus believe about deity, cosmology, and the idea of the infinite. They have a very complex theology of God and the ultimate reality. It is quite difficult to pinpoint what they truly believe because they have such a variety of schools of thought. How would you respond to such a person who believes in a Deity that is beyond good and evil, incomprehensible, who created infinite universes (according to some followers of Krishna he is said to manage an infinite number of universes by just using 1/4th of his power)and share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ? To such a person our Christian Faith is somehow seen as limited. I believe Deepak Chopra said that "the moment you define God you limit Him". How do you deal philosophically with this kind of theology?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-25-2012:

Dear NM,

A deity beyond good and evil is not a deity. It is a devil. We can know that God is infinite goodness even thought we cannot define what infinite goodness is. But we do know that infinite goodness cannot be evil or condone anything evil. No creature is beyond good and evil. The highest of intelligent creatures, the angels revolted against God. So did Adam and Eve. Wanting to be beyond good and evil and be like god was their sin. God is beyond good and evil in the sense that he is infinitely good, thus excluding all evil.

Dr. Geraghty