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Lesser gods and reincarnation
Question from Gavin on 11-23-2012:

It is my understanding that the Ten Commandments limit a believer to have no other gods before God, but does this or any other doctrine specifically prohibit a Catholic from believing in lesser gods with a corresponding lesser status and subjugate position to the Almighty?

Also, should the Lord find that a soul is worthy of reincarnation, is there any doctrine or specific policy that prevents a Catholic from believing such an honor is attainable?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-26-2012:

Dear Gavin,

As you noted, the Church teaches that there is only one God. All other being are creatures. The Church rejects reincarnation, which is the theory that a soul can come back to earth in another body. After we die, we are judged once and for all. After the world has ended, all human beings get their bodies back again, which is to the joy of the saves and the grief of the damned.

Dr. Geraghty