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Question from David on 11-22-2012:

Listen i really need some advice you see ive been on the no contact rule for almost 6 weeks my ex gf and we broke up on bad terms but technically she dumped me over a lie i said and well I begged her to give me another chance but she ingored my texts and i know by doing that i pushed her further away and i confess that we only went out for about a month but i felt like this was the one girl for me and i really want her back and well she told me she never wanted to talk to me again but for the past two weeks ive been noticing at school that at the corner of my eye i notice her looking at me from a distance when i turn to see she turns away and same thing happens when i walk by past her in the halls but my question is what should i do should i wait in nc till she contacts me or should i just give up hope on her and move on i really love this girl and but i cant tell whether she loves me because she hasnt contacted me yet what do i do

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-23-2012:


My advice is really simple: approach her and start talking. If she turns and walks away, tell her you love her, even as she continues to walk. After that trust God.

If she gives you the chance, you can explain your sorrow over lying, but for now, you need to try, at least, to communicate.

Judie Brown