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10 commandments
Question from Paul on 11-21-2012:

Pastor Echert,

Humm, I blinked and thought I had missed the answer, but I read it again and again and then realized I had missed nothing, the main point of the question was either ignored or avoided: how could that be? Or is that an impertinent question? There is a simple Biblical answer to that question, one that you cannot and or will not face or admit to! Your answer was nothing but smoke and mirrors and NOT based on Biblical evidence. Iím sure that ďanonymousĒ was anything but impressed by your answer or lack thereof. He stated very well the Biblical position you ignored!

Sincerely, Paul

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-27-2012:

Clearly you are unhappy with me and I assume you are not Catholic, given your form of address and caustic post. Nevertheless, here is a link to another one of our experts, who has a very extensive response to the question. If this does not satisfy you, nothing will.


Father Echert