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Question from Stephen Ferreira on 11-18-2012:

Hi Judie, It is clearly the refusal of our Bishops and Priests to proclaim the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ that has again resulted in the election of the most pro-abortion/pro homosexual marriage Political Party.They have been successful in reducing the Gospel and Salvation to Mathew Chapter 25 verses 31-46.One could violate every known Commandment of God and be saved as long as they "feed the poor".Most Catholics do not even know the evils of Sin and its eternal cosequences.Love of the poor is all we need. It matters little to them that most Catholics do not even know that about the beauty and necessity of Confession.We are never reminded of Holy days of obligation but are always reminded of our responsibility to feed the poor and to tithe.It is hard to distinguish them from the Scribes and Pharasees of Jesus' time.But thank God for the Holy Spirit who is continuing to lead us into all truth through Pope Benedict.God Bless.Steve

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-20-2012:


Very helpful insights. God bless you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING