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What's the plan to Work with all people of good faith
Question from Joseph A.Apicella on 11-16-2012:

I believe we need to find common groud so that people of all faiths will respect life. Or do you believe that Catholics should hold the extreme position, allow no dissent-even for those who not believe in non-negotionables, and remain a minority. If you can't you can't.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-19-2012:


I suppose someone could have said the very same thing to Christ because he did not accommodate the world and in fact was crucified for hold the truth as non- negotiable. Catholics do not take the extreme position, we take the only position that will result in victory over the culture of death.

If we begin from that point, we can and should reach out to our brothers and sisters of all faiths, but most especially our fellow Catholics who have lost their way.

Judie Brown