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Catholic School Teacher Opposing Church Teaching
Question from Anon on 11-15-2012:

Dear Judie,

We are living in a time of grave heresy, and with the introduction of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, the utterances of heretics reach further than ever before.

My question is this. If we know that there is someone in charge of the formation of children (in this case a Catholic elementary school teacher) who, through her social media use, publicly opposes Church teaching on abortion and gay marriage, as well as raising Obama to the status of idol, should one do something? I obviously don't want to cost this woman her lively hood, but I am also worried about what she may be costing the children left in her care.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Thank you for all your work! God bless you!

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-19-2012:

Dear Anon

I teacher who is responsible for the souls of Catholic children must be someone who takes his fait seriously and lives that faith in every aspect of his or her life. The sort of person you describe is not in that category and you have a moral responsibility, for the sake of the souls of the elementary school children, to expose this.

Judie Brown