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The Second Secret of Fatima
Question from Joe Pizzino on 11-14-2012:

Dr. Garity, I went to Catholic school in the mid to late fifties in Baltimore and I remember the description of the events of Fatima. I remember that Our Lady indicated that WWI would be over soon and that if the people in the world would continue to offend the Lord, that a second world would follow. This is all I can find on the internet regarding the second secret. However, the nuns at my school went on to indicate that after that WWII is over, if people continue to offend the Lord, a third and more intense third world war would follow. They also indicated that this war would be initiated out of the middle east. My question is "is this additional info part of the second Fatima secret or do you think these nuns at my school might have been projecting with their own thoughts. As I see what's happening in the world, it appears that this is playing itself out. Thanks for your thoughts. Joe

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-25-2012:

Dear Joe,

As far I I know the second Fatima secret says nothing about a third world war stemming from the Middle East.

Dr. Geraghty