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Is there Mass in Heaven? And the Incarnation...
Question from Bill on 11-14-2012:

Fr. Echert,

I read recently that Jesus does not offer Mass in heaven; "Christ is not a priest who continually offers sacrifices, but he is the priest consummated and consumating all." Could you elaborate on this? What does it mean that Christ is "consummated..and "consummating" all? Also, regarding the Doctrine of the Incarnation is it accurate to state that Jesus is a Divine Person not a human person who assuumed Human Nature??? So one could not refer to Jesus as a Human Person (Being) but a Divine Person with a Divine and Human Nature? Thanks for any assistance on this...

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

The actual bloody sacrifice of the Cross was offered once for all time but every Mass is an unbloody sacrifice in which Christ is offered to the Father, and the same can be said of the divine liturgy of Heaven. This is what distinguishes the Mass from mere religious services offered by Protestants and others. Correct: Jesus is a Divine Person with a Human Nature. It is incorrect to speak of Jesus as a human person. Unfortunately, these important theological and philosophical distinctions are no longer commonly taught or known by Catholics and even many modern "scholars"

Thanks, Bill

Father Echert