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10 commandments
Question from anonymous on 11-14-2012:

my daughter is in a 2nd grade catholic school learning the ten commandments..over the years,i've come to realize that the 10 listed commandments given in class do not match up with the actual 10 listed in the bible. in other words,commandment number 2 is entirely omitted,and commandment number 10 is splt into 2 commandments in order to make up for the deleted one...so,commandment number 2 reads as YOU SHALL NOT CARVE IDOLS FOR YOUSELVES IN THE SHAPE OF ANYTHING IN THE SKY OR THE EARTH BELOW OR THE WATERS BENEATH NOR BOW DOWN TO THEM OR WORSHIP THEM FOR I AM A JEALOUS GOD

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

The content of the Ten Commandments is present but the division of commandments has varied over time, the form known to us being that of long traditional use. Probably the divisions and language were adopted based on providing a form that can be readily memorized.

Father Echert