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Question from AY on 11-13-2012:

Dear Fr. Echert, I am so happy to see that your forum is available again.

I go to confession once a week. A priest does not want me to go to confession until one month is up.

He says to me that he wants me to go to confession only when one month is up. I tried to explain to him that I like this sacrament a lot because my soul can once again be cleansed. If I wait for a month, my soul will become very dirty. I want to get closer to Jesus through this sacrament. However, he still insists that I do not go to confession every week.

That makes me very sad. It seems like someone is taking something which I treasure a lot away from me. I just want to get closer to Jesus. Do I have to listen to him? Can I still continue to go to confession every week?

Thank you very much and God bless you.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

Is there another local church and priest to whom you can go? Many of my parishioners go weekly, as a devotional confession, though these confessions are generally short in duration. It may be that the priest believes you are scrupulous or it may be that he does not like hearing confessions. But I would either seek out another priest or make an agreement with this priest to make very brief weekly confessions. Especially if there are many waiting in line each week.

God bless,

Father Echert