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Can an old woman become a nun?
Question from Claire Brooks on 11-13-2012:

I have recently returned back to God after being away for over 40 years. I believe Our Lord maybe calling to me serve Him but I am not sure how. If I was younger, there would be no problem. However I am old. If I was a tree I would be admired for my age. But how can an old woman serve Our Lord? Yes I pray now and try to go to Mass and receive communion daily. Do you have any suggestions that might help me?

Answer by David Gregson on 02-04-2014:

You should talk to your Bishop. Although most religious orders have an age limit for their aspirants, there is also a form of spirituality called "consecrated life," for which I don't believe there is any age limit. The Code of Canon Law (Cann. 573) defines it as "a stable form of living by which the faithful, following Christ more closely under the action of the Holy Spirit, are totally dedicated to God who is loved most of all, so that, having been dedicated by a new and special title to his honour, to the building up of the Church, and to the salvation of the world, they strive for the perfection of charity in the service of the kingdom of God and, having been made an outstanding sign in the Church, foretell the heavenly glory."

Consecrated life may be lived individually, or in community, and involves taking the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.