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Hip replacement - voting
Question from Di on 11-13-2012:

Thank you for all you do for the lives of our most cherished gift from God- Babies! I, too, am recovering from hip replacement and hope yours went as well as mine and will pray for your speedy recovery. As far as people who claim to be Catholics but voted for Obama- the devil is in the details. They may talk their way into believing they have done the right thing here on earth but at the end Every knee shall bend and God and only God will determine their fate. If they are willing to put their eternity on the line and think they can talk God into seeing their side, all we can do is pray for them! Sadly, as far as the Bishops go- "watch what you ask for, you just might get it!" , and they did!

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-18-2012:

Dear Di

My hip replacement was a blessing and I am so pleased that it was done.

As far as voters go, indeed each person must face God and be judged by what was and was not accomplished in His name.

Judie Brown