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@Obama's re-election
Question from Hannah on 11-13-2012:

I have the very same concerns as you, with the exception of the Bishops. To say they 'failed' may be going a little too far. They are after all the Succesors of the Apostles and without them we wouldn't have the Holy Eucharist. The Bishops need our prayers very much and it's our duty to pray for our Clergy as much as we can. And we MUST pray for this country. I fear for America too. I'm a young person so it's very scary for me, but we must remember to trust God. We don't know what the future holds, but it won't be all butterflies and honey. No, we will have to suffer on account of being faithful Catholics. What we need is for everyone to get back to their faith and stop crucyfing Christ again and again through their actions and the unholy lives they lead. If we were martyred, how many Catholics would actually DIE rather than give up their faith? Something to ponder. Just my thoughts. Everyone that reads this pray! Our Lady is our only hope now. www.ourladyofamerica.com

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-18-2012:


Thank you for the stirring insights and for your commitment to the Lord and His Church. You are correct that the Bishops are descendants of the Apostles, but when they choose not to advocate Catholic teaching, for whatever reason, there is a problem and we need to encourage them to be the Apostles Christ calls them to be instead of political experts.

80% of Catholics support or use birth control and that, my friend, is a colossal failure of teaching truth and reminding the faithful what Hell is. These are things the Bishops must teach, and for 40 years far too many of them have chosen not to do so. This is called failure.

Indeed we must pray for them and for each other.

Judie Brown