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Question from Jimmy Mc Crory on 11-13-2012:

Hiya Judie....this may be a stupid suggestion.....but the intention of trying to help is here.....I read more often than not how many of your posters are dismayed about how your bishops in the states operate on the issues of pro-life....The bishops seem to ignore all of you/us (they do in Ireland too on certain issues but thats nother matter....but the Church is the people and the flock and while I realise that yourself writing books like "The broken Path" is an awesome step....and yes prayer and fasting etc needs to be done on a spiritual end....something practical needs to be done to make the bishops sit up and take notice of the people .....

No 1 You say Cardinal Timothy Donal is a political animal....Personally I agree....although he's right on a tonne of issues he seems to play both sides of the fence

No 2 Bishops ignore faithful Catholics like yourself who want to defend life and teachings etc....but will probably moan and bang their gavels when not enough is going on the collection plates at mass

Suggestion: why not encourage one Sunday (and I mean just one sunday)....as a mark of protest against the jesters who claim to be bishops....replace what you would put in the colleection plate with an envelope containing a piece of paper with "pro life" written on it....or something to that effect (I think you get where im going with this)

In otherwords publicly register in front of the main man himself God the dissatifaction at how his appointed is treating his teachings and the flock and at the same time showing yuor/our fathfulness to him when he is truly present....have it co-ordinated amongst your congregations...pro-life groups etc.... as it seems there are also times when the bishops care more about the tax -exemptions and what goes on the plate rather than what they teach....Im not going down the route of saying plan a revolt or anything dod'nt get me wrong and as Ive said this suggestion may sound stupid or borne out of frustration....but at the same time it would give the Ordanairy Catholic who feel helpless in this situation a platform where they feel they are contributing to the defence of pro life and most importantly that they are giving the bishops a major wake up call by saying this situation can't go on.....maybe if their hit in the pockets for one day they might listen


Answer by Judie Brown on 11-18-2012:


I do not think your idea is stupid ... we have thinking along the same lines with regard to financial contributions to Bishop=related projects. So stay tuned.

Judie Brown