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Health Insurance
Question from Raymond Cain on 11-12-2012:

The company that I work for is having open enrollment for our medical health coverage. I just found out that the policy covers abortion and contraception. I have medical issues and health has not been very good lately. Would I be sinning if I kept company paid health insurance? Is there any company out there that has policies in keeping with our Catholic faith? Please reply as I only have short time to figure this out. I don't want to sin...if I have to I will drop coverage and hope that I can find something quickly.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-18-2012:


It is not your responsibility to deny yourself health insurance because the company you work for carries a policy that covers abortion and contraception. The company could be doing what is required by law and nothing more. I suggest you retain the coverage until such time as we find a company that is free of such evil practices as part of its coverage. RIght now I know of no such company.

Judie Brown