EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from marie mca on 11-12-2012:

Father - what is your opinion of the 50% Catholic voters who voted for obama? Do you think this figure is skewed by the massive voter fraud that took place? I have placed my life in Mary's hands so even if I suffer from God's punishment I am not worried - am I being too complacent.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

If I were to vote for the likes of him, it would be mortal sin and I would likely be damned, if I did not repent. God is judge of each but knowingly voting for someone who holds his position is objectively a grave evil, sufficient to forfeit grace. I suspect most of those who voted for him and others like him were already void of grace. And yes, no doubt there was much fraud, but how much and what effect may never be known--in this lifetime. Take heart and keep faith, Marie

Father Echert