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Please help me, Father.
Question from Hannah on 11-12-2012:


Is it wrong to be scared for the future? Seeing how America is so messed up spirtually and morally is horrible. What's it going to take for people to repent and turn back to God? A major Chastisment? (which I know is coming, from studying Eschatology and all..) I know to trust God, but It's very scary for me, being a young person and having a whole life ahead of me (I hope). It's mind-boggling to think how America has become worse than Sodom and Gmorrah and we know what happened to that city. What should we do? Especially the young people like me striving to be Saints? I just need a bit of help. The Priests are my help and always will be. Thank you for all the help you give me on my questions and concerns. And thank you for being an ''Alter Christus''. We need many many more holy priests like yourself to save souls. I know my generation will be just that. God bless you, Father.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

Keep doing what you are doing, that is, following in the footsteps of Christ and be prepared for what may come. I am not hopeful, humanly speaking, but I am also tired of of fences against God. I strongly suggest you watch the movie For Greater Glory, about the suffering Church in Mexico 90 years ago. It does not matter how long your life but rather how you live and die. Take heartthrob, trust providence, take courage, Hannah

Father Echert