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Birth control
Question from Jessica on 11-12-2012:

Is it okay to use birth control for a medical condition? If the Pill is not taken, the medical condition can get worse and lead to having a hystorectomy. Endometriosis is what I have and I am conflicted as I don't want to be on birth control, but the pain can get so bad that I can't move.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 11-16-2012:


Drugs ordinarily used for artificial contraception can be used to treat other conditions, so long as the person using that drug does not use it for contraceptive purposes. That said, it may be that alternative treatments might be possible. You might wish to ask your doctor to consult with the Pope Paul VI Institute or with Culture of Life Family Services to see if there are other means of treating your endometriosis that do not involve "the Pill."

Michelle Arnold
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