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Question from Don on 11-12-2012:

Dr. Geraghty. Sarah asked about what to do when a Muslim makes fun of our Catholic religion. Now, here is the basis for it all.... The fundamental question for everybody to answer is this: Who was the biological father of Jesus Christ. The correct answer is that Jesus' biological father was God, through the Holy Spirit.

The muslims believe that Jesus was simply a prophet, not the son of God, that Jesus had a human biological father. They thereby demote Jesus to simply one prophet amongst other prophets, allowing their Mohammed to be at the top of the prophet list. So, Sarah's difficulty is in trying to persuade a muslim that Jesus was the son of God... something that no muslim will accept and stay a muslim. Sarah actually is in an impossible situation because it is the muslim's duty to talk against all religions.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-29-2012:

Dear Don,

Thanks for your note. Yes, there is not much point to speaking with a dedicated Muslim about religion. But are there not other things to talk about. Now it may be that a Muslim asks a question about Christianity. But that is unusual.

Dr. Geraghty