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Homosexual relationships - "marriage"?
Question from Janie on 11-10-2012:

Dear Judie,

I applaud your use of the term "homosexual" instead of "gay" in reference to same sex attractions. Do you know of a more appropriate and accurate term for same sex relationships other than "marriage"? I am deeply concerned about the use of the term "gay" or homosexual "marriage". It seems to me that we who understand that marriage is between one man and one woman should be making a distinction linguistically. The lack of distinction only serves to obscure the perception of the differences between these very different kinds of relationships, even as we speak out about them.

But, alas, I am at a loss the accurate words! I hope you can help!

Thanks, Janie

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-12-2012:


We have a terminology guide at American Life League and one of the entries related to alleged homosexual marriage is this:

Same-sex marriage: A contradiction in terms, whether or not same-sex liaisons are awarded the legal status of marriage. If you use this term, put quotes around “marriage,” i.e. same-sex “marriage.” Or better yet, rephrase this as redefining marriage. Example: Instead of writing, “There is a push to decriminalize same-sex marriage,” say, “There is a push to redefine marriage.”

Hope this helps.

Judie Brown