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Attending marriage outside church
Question from Andy on 11-08-2012:

Dear Dr. Geraghty: My daughter who is free to marry is going to marry a divorced Catholic who does not have an annulment. They will be married by a Judge. She has asked me to attend. I don't want to but I am afraid if I don't I will destroy the relationship I have with her now which is good. I have talked to her about the sin of what she is doing but she says they want to be married now and then have the Church bless it when his annulment is granted. There is no assurance that an annulment will be granted but she says she is willing to risk it. Please advise me. Thank you very much.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-21-2012:

Dear Andy,

She is willing to risk something that is of ultimate importance. Is she making your attendance at the wedding a condition for your future relationship? Are you to go against your conscience, you who have had the responsibility for raising her a Catholic? Do you really have much choice about betraying yourself and your love for your daughter? You are at a difficult point. Pray for more light and strength to do the right thing.

Dr. Geraghty