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Question from Sabrina on 11-07-2012:

This has been troubling me for awhile now, and i would like to know? why did God create death? is it because Adam & Eve sinned!! ate the apple then God brought death in the world? or because they sinned and the devil brought death in the world and God could not stop it? from what i have read is that God created everything Good and there was no death,pain or suffering... if God did create death why didnt he give them a second chance being he is Almighty Merciful & forgiving and not let us go threw physical death, it troubles me and i dont think its something i can get over.....

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-12-2012:

God created everything good and perfect, so we should not directly attribute death to God as a created reality, but as a privation of some good (namely, life), as punishment upon Adam and Eve and all offspring. In other words, if Adam had not sinned (a mortal personal sin for him but the Original Sin for all of us), there never would have been the absense of life, which is death. And God did give them a second chance, because he did not immediately condemn them to hell, which they deserved. It is likely that Adam and Eve are among the saints of Heaven, having worked through their punishment on Earth

Thanks, Sabrina

Father Echert