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Obama' re-election
Question from barb finnegan on 11-07-2012:

Dear Judie,

I'm going to try this again.....

Hi again-I am in such a 'funk' over the election results.


I am so sick, sick and tired of lazy so-called 'catholics' who vote more with their stomachs and / or their wallets over their morals!

And it seems that our so-called 'shepherds', the Bishops of this country, have failed us again! Where is our St. Thomas Becket? Where is our St. John Fisher? The Bishops failed us when the Supreme Court upheld 'Obamacare' this summer, and now again with the election!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to 'high-tail it' to the hills and say 'forget about it' when it comes to 'changing the culture'! They all talk about that at places like EWTN, and where does that lead us? Probably to being thrown into jail! Well, I' d rather die quickly with a bullet through my head as a martyr for the Faith, rather live another four years under Obama and his evil minions!

I fear for our country, Judie.....I really do...it's a good thing I never married.....

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-12-2012:

Dear Barb

I agree with your assessment and I too fear for our country, but I do know one thing: as love as we are faithful to Christ and do our best to reflect His image in our daily lives, we will be blessed. There will be suffering, to be sure, but His love is worth it all.

I cannot understand the majority of Bishops in this country but stopped trying to do so years ago. They are lost in the weeds of American politics. s God bless you.

Judie Brown