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Question from Mary on 11-07-2012:

Do you think that our failure to vote in a manner that would protect our Religious Freedom, Life, Marriage is going to be a means for GOD to "sort out" or "sift" the true belivers (those who adhere to the Church's teachings) from those who say they belive but act contrary? Will GOD spare us from the disasters that could befall us as punishment for turning our backs on HIM, those of us who do love HIM and serve HIM? I am so scared for our nation! for the nation of Israel, for the future! What do we do now? GOD Help us!

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-12-2012:

There is a pattern in human history that tends to repeat itself. Because of free will, God often allows a people to continue deeper and deeper into evil--generally meaning failure of religion and immorality--until such time that He brings chastisement upon them. The punishments can be natural or man made. Often he allows enemies of a people to prevail over them. In our case, we are likely to continue to decay as a nation in multiple ways, not only morally but economically and militarily, with eventual collapse as a super-power. Should this happen, the saints will suffer along with the wicked, but for the saints it will be to their merit but for the wicked, it will simply be what they deserve. Humanly speaking, we are in frightening times; but remember, divine providence extends to each one of us individually, so be at peace from this perspective.

Bottom line is that the outrageous sins of our nation--abortion and homosexuality in particular--cry out to Heaven to be punished. Now that these are enshrined in our laws, we are at grave risk of divine punishment, as a nation. Whether or not there is a sufficient number of saints to withhold the hand of God remains to be seen.

Thanks, Mary

Father Echert