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Question from Santiago J. Lopez on 11-06-2012:

Dear Fr. Echert, I am reading The book of Genesis and in Gen.20. It says Abimelec took Sarah but God kept him from touching her. What gets me is that in the prior chapters Sarah was prenant with Isac and now she is being taken by Abimelec. How does this fit in with Chapters 18 & 19. I am confused.At 90 years old she is being taken. Please shed some light Fr. Echert. Thank you, God bless you. Yours in Christ Jesus Santiago J. Lopez.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-20-2012:

Human beings lived longer in those days and so we assume they retained their health and beauty longer as well. Some ancient rabbis believed that Sarah in particular had miraculous beauty, which is plausible.

Thanks, Santiago

Father Echert