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Were Adam and Eve redeemed from Orginal Sin because of Jesus's suffering?
Question from Gillian on 11-05-2012:

Dear Father Echert,

When Jesus died on the Cross, did his suffering not only redeem Godís people but also Adam and Eve? Did his suffering redeem them from the act of committing the Original Sin? Or are they sitting outside of heaven, hell, purgatory, or wherever they have gone? Thank you for answering the question I had while reading my confirmation catechist workbook.

Thank you, Gillian

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-05-2012:

All those redeemed, including the OT figures as far back as Adam and Eve, are saved by the grace of the Cross. Even Mary is saved by that grace, though by preservation from sin and not redemption from sin. Saints of the OT were admitted to Heaven following the Resurrection of Christ.

Father Echert