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Atheists getting another chance once passed on?
Question from Anonymous on 11-02-2012:

Hello, my boyfriend's best friend suddenly passed almost a year ago, and he was an atheist. My boyfriend says since he sees apparitions of him, he no longer believes in Hell, and thinks religion is a way to 'feed weak minds fake information' of the sorts. He doesn't think it's real and it's all a way to convince people to believe in them, getting money, etc. Because of the churches he's been to, not Catholic, he's heard all atheists go strait to Hell for hating God. I'm not sure where he went, but I assume it's protestant.

(About the friend that passed, I'm not sure if he practiced being atheist or was just an atheist in general not caring, etc. People now a days really exaggerate their 'beliefs'. For all I know, he could've just been agnostic, but my boyfriend is certain he was atheist.)

I wanted to know what should I tell him? I want to be with my boyfriend, but then again I would like him to be religious as well, since I'd plan to marry him if the time comes and I don't want to raise children in an atheist/catholic family matter.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-21-2012:

Dear Anon,

You are quite wise to consider take into account the religious views of one you might marry. I do not know what you could tell him in order to change his mind. He sounds pretty hostile to religion. Some times prospective wives overlook that fact, figuring they will be able to convert them with their love. That is not a very hopeful beginning.

Dr. Geraghty