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Question from Dean Davila on 11-02-2012:

Why is the Catholic Church more or less telling us to vote for Mitt Romney when he is not even a Christian? He is a Morman and his sect comes to my house frequently trying to convert me to their believe because they say the way i believe as a Catholic is taking me straight to hell. Other than abortion what are Romneys beliefs? I think God would be me voting for Mitt Romney because not to long age his sect was condemned wasnt it?

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-03-2012:

Dear Dean,

Thank you for your question. When making a decision on who to vote for there are many elements that must be considered. This is especially true in this day when there are numerous attacks against the lives of human beings. Three weeks ago, I posted a commentary addressing the voting non-negotiables that must be taken into account. You can find that commentary here: http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MTExMjQ/

Judie Brown

I would encourage you to read the commentary, as well as the documents linked to it, and then make a prayerful decision about your vote.