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The mark of the beast
Question from Stan on 11-02-2012:

I'm a catholic first of all. I have seen other religious programs on TV other than our faith you may have heard of them Daystar, Hal Linsey, Jack Van Impe, End time ministries they preach of the mark of the beast from time to time. They mention of Microchipping and some type of scanning device to identify you in order to buy or sell items. Just the other day I seen in New Jersy as well as Texas they are using some type of scanners for school students to get food in there schools ID em them. Some call it the mark of the beast in it's early stages before the antichrist takes his role. The point is or the question should be why hasn't our local church's preached on this subject and if this is the start of something worst to come what are we to do? Do we just pass it off as modern tech. or if we are to be informed by the truth we would know better.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11-05-2012:

The Catholic Church never teaches beyond what has been revealed. Sacred Scripture reveals that there will be a mark of the beast but it is not explicit as to what form this will be, other than the number 666. It could be related to micro chip implants and other modern means of identification but this is speculative. So the better course is to not overstate the case, but to remain open to possibilities and be wary. Hopefully, when end times are approaching, the signs will be unmistakable to the faithful and Church.

Father Echert