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What is a Cosmic Liturgy?
Question from Gary on 11-02-2012:

On July 24 2009, Benedict XVI gave the following homily: (on the Vatican website easy to find with a keyword search, "vespers july 24 2009"

The role of the priesthood is to consecrate the world so that it may become a living host, a liturgy: so that the liturgy may not be something alongside the reality of the world, but that the world itself shall become a living host, a liturgy. This is also the great vision of Teilhard de Chardin: in the end we shall achieve a true cosmic liturgy, where the cosmos becomes a living host.

What in the world it Benedict talking about? I had to consult the dictionary to make sure i understood the words he was using. Consecrate means to set aside as sacred. And sacred means devotion to a deity.

"So our address to God becomes an address to ourselves..." Benedict also said that in this homily

The laity are clueless. They have no idea what is going on in Rome. Benedict is teaching pantheism. This is worse than heresy, this is apostacy.

Mr. Geraghty God expects us to use our brains, we cannot explain this away. If we excuse this, we condemn ourselves. I would be willing to bet that Mother Angelica doesn't know what Benedict said. I know she doesn't believe like him.

Pius XI warned to tread the path of ecumenism necessarily leads to pantheism.

My question is this? When are Catholics going to wake up and realize what is really going on in the Church.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-21-2012:

Dear Gary,

Don't be surprised you don't understand the Pope. He is the Vicar of Christ responsible for teaching the whole world in which there are many people with different levels of understanding. Are you going to accuse the Pope of pantheism because you don't happen to understand him? Don't you think the Pope knows what is going on in the Church? Relax. The Pope has not deserted his sheep. But sometimes the sheep desert the shepherd. We don't want to do that.

Dr. Geraghty