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Our Lady
Question from tjay on 11-01-2012:

Apologies dont know if right box Recently read about "Our Lady" and advocate. I am having problems. Came back to my religion over 20yrs ago. But prior to that/ when I felt nothing/ would sit in front of tabernacle telling Jesus exactly that. I feel nothing. Didnt want to go to Mass as pointless. But I persevered and asked for the grace. Bang one day it happened (keeping this short) and total conversion. It just happened that day but it was whilst listening to a tape about "Our Lady". My problem is.I am totally Spiritually in love with Jesus and speak often to him and The Trinity. But dont have same feelings for "Our Lady" who got me there. Pray on it often and try to stir same feelings. but so far not happened. Is that wrong. Confused Tjay

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-21-2012:

Dear TJay,

Don't try to press your feelings. Your will and heart are in the right direction. Just keep praying no matter how you feel.

Dr. Geraghty