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Forgiving on abortion
Question from Diane on 10-29-2012:

Hi, I had a abortion 25 years ago. I have been to confession since than but never mentioned the abortion because I was too embarrassed. If I confess this to a priest, and I am forgiven, will I still have a chance of gaining access into heaven even though that's a mortal sin? I was young, dumb and stupid back than. My mom even helped pay for the abortion, and she's a devout Catholic. I'm surprised that if mom knew this was a mortal sin, she allowed it. Thank you, in advance.

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-29-2012:

Dear Diane,

Our God is an all-forgiving God. When one commits a sin and truly repents of that sin in Confession, that person will receive absolution from the priest, in God's name, and will be totally forgiven. Please keep that in mind when you go to Confession next and when you get this weight off your mind and your heart. God loves you and will rejoice in your return to a state of grace.

I will pray for you and your family.

Judie Brown