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Question from Oscar Chacon on 10-26-2012:

The topic of evangelist bibles came up and I was explaining, or trying to explain, the difference between the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible - removal of certain books from the Catholic. A young lady in the group told me that when she went to her Methodist school she studied books of the Bible that "the catholic church" didn't accept. She doesn't practice her religion so she didn't specify. Hinting that the Catholic Church did some removal of books previously in the Canon. I'm just wondering are there books accepted by other denominations like Methodist in their Bible that aren't in the Catholic? All Protestants, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodists etc., use the same Bible (minus the books in the Catholic) correct?

Answer by David Gregson on 01-23-2014:

The young lady got it wrong. It's the Protestant Bible that has fewer books in the Old Testament. The Protestant Old Testament has 39 books, and the Catholic Old Testament has 46, plus additions to Esther and Daniel. Catholic and Protestant Bibles have the same number of New Testament books, 27.

To my knowledge, all Protestants use the same Bible.