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Planned Parenthood
Question from chris on 10-23-2012:


I keep reading that PP offers cancer screenings and other preventive health measures for women. I know they are in it for the $$$ they can make on abortions. But is there any truth to their offering of the aforementioned health services? Or are they a 100% abortion services agency?

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-25-2012:

In 2010, Planned Parenthood sold abortions to 98.14 percent of pregnant women seeking pregnancy related care at its facilities. Abortion accounted for approximately 51.5 percent of Planned Parenthoodís 2010 clinic income. Government grants and programs accounted for 46.5% of the abortion giantís revenue in 2010. All these statistics and many more are detailed in STOPPís analysis of Planned Parenthoodís 2010 annual report. http://www.stopp.org/pdfs/2010/Analysis_of_PPFA_2010_Annual_Report.pdf

While Planned Parenthood does offer very limited legitimate health care, such as STD screenings, PAP smears, and manual breast exams (NOT mammograms), it is a business whose survival depends on abortion income and $1.3 million dollars of government funding every day. Planned Parenthood lies about the scope of its business. The numbers tell the truth.