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Knowing God's Will Amidst Earthly Rewards
Question from Rox on 10-22-2012:

Dr. Geraghty: How can I be sure I'm doing God's will? At times, when I'm reading something spiritual, attending Mass, or doing something that seems helpful and positive, it feels like I'm doing what God has asked. But when I'm alone or depressed, I feel removed from God and far from his will. I get confused when I see so many people who seem so much happier and more prosperous than I am but who don't believe in God or in keeping the commandments. I realize that wealth and success in this world won't mean anything in the next, but it's difficult to stay on track when we see those who constantly disobey get rewarded. Do you have any advice for those who are trying to behave as God wishes and to ignore the temporal and meaningless rewards of this life

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-09-2012:

Dear Rox,

It takes faith to believe in God's good will toward us. Faith takes constant prayer. Otherwise we weaken in our faith. Also faith gives us reward not only in the next life but in this life too. Happiness does not consist in appearances. It consists in being real, which means being faithful to God and to others.

Dr. Geraghty