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Response to this comment (mit romneys lies on television
Question from Larry on 10-22-2012:

Judy this person whose comments claiming Mit Romney lies on TV has got to be a Obama hack that used this forum to spread there evil. This is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.How could any Christian Catholic or non Catholic support a President that supports all stages of Abortion and same sex marriage as Obama does.I am not saying Romney has not lied as i do not know that for certain.But i do know Obama supports Abortion with no exceptions and same sex marriage because he has said so.But please do not give these political hacks on either side a voice on a non political forum.

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-22-2012:

If you will check our American Life League website . . . www.all.org . . . you will see where we stand on the issues you mention. We do not give either side a forum but expose the truth as we see it.

Judie Brown