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morning after pill
Question from anon on 10-20-2012:

Hi Judie,

i wrote to you the other day regarding the morning after pill in rape cases. this was your reply...

Dear Anonymous.

I cannot comment on the book Catholicism for Dummies as I have not read it. However, I can comment on the “morning after pill,” which is also known as “emergency contraception” (EC). EC is a drug that is taken after sex to try and prevent “pregnancy.” It is basically a mega-dose of the birth control pill. It shares the same methods of operation as the pill. It can work by: (1) preventing ovulation; (2) preventing fertilization; or (3) preventing implantation. This last method, of course, makes EC an abortifacient. Back in 2003, when EC was being introduced in the United States, American Life League did a statistical analysis of how frequently it would cause an abortion. Our analysis showed, “In cases where Emergency Contraception [sic] has an effect, it acts 57% of the time, not by preventing ovulation, but by preventing implantation [thus killing a human being].” You can read the full analysis at: http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MjQ3MQ/

My Question is do catholic bishops in Australia know this information, because apparently they still use the morning after pill to treat rape victims at a large Catholic hospital in Sydney, Australia called St Vincent'd Hospital.They do a test first (i think blood test) to work out if ovulation has occurred.

I am quite scrupulous and this is concerning me. do the bishops already know or do i have an obligation to let them know? I would very much appreciate your response.

Thank you, anon

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-21-2012:

The whole subject of the protocol in cases of rape has been discussed at the highest levels within the Church. Assuredly, the Australian bishops must be aware of the problems. For a detailed discussion of this matter, I invite you to read the following article on our website: http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MTA1NTc/

Judie Brown